Monday, 5 September 2016

Three New mOnocle-Lash Releases

JUST REALEASED! Three New Publications from Monocle-Lash Anti-Press, available in print practically at cost, or as FREE PDFs from the m-Lash website!

All edited by me, two containing my short essays and translations––

This is a distinctly cross-generational release:  Two of these are published under the Revenants Editions imprint and bring to light texts from the very early avant-garde for the first time in English, and the first time in any language for over a century. The other makes one of the first and most hated/popular turn-coat apostates in avant-history accessible to a new generation of lazy readers:


1.) Rêvenance: A Zine of Hauntings from Underground Histories. Issue 1.
–ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

Rêvenance is the flagship journal of the Revenant Editions series, dedicated to the forgotten or untold histories of 19th Century avant-garde and other countercultures. It includes essays, translations, and many experimental forms of historical writing and research that connect those traditions to continuing radical communities today.
The first issue features translations (by Olchar Lindsann and Raymond Ernest André III) of work by Alphonse Allais, Gérard de Nerval, Maurice Rollinat, Alphonse Karr & Georges d’Heylli; poetic re-workings of Charles Nodier & Michel Roly by John M. Bennett; poems in Volapük by Francis Vielé-Griffin and Michael Helsem; essays by Gleb Kolomiets and Olchar Lindsann; visual texts by Edward Kulemin; and a conversation by Jim Leftwich, John M. Bennett & Peter Ciccariello about Rea Nikonova, Malevich, and the Incoherents group of the 1880s.
32 pgs on folded 8.5”x14”. Sept., A.Da. 100 (2016).
$5.00 + 1.00 s/h or Free Download
2.) Pif Paf Patapan! A Sampler of Phonetic Poetry From the 19th Century
–by Paul Verlaine, Théophile Gautier, Charles Nodier, & Francis Vielé-Griffin; ed. Olchar E. Lindsann
Though Phonetic Poetry as a designated, focused practice was developed in the early years of the 20th Century, experiments with phonetics and non-semantic sound have been explored in the avant-garde since at least 1830. These are the poets who were read by the Futurists, Dadas, and Zoumists, and whose experiments (and others’?) they consolidated into a new form.
8 pgs on folded 8.5” x 11”. Sept., A.Da. 100 (2016).
$1.00 + 1.00 s/h or Free Download
NOTE: Verlaine poem is flawed in the online version of the PDF, due to some obscure coding flaw that changes PDFs when displayed online. Email for a free uncorrupted version of the file. Sorry!
3.) The Prelude: Book 3
—by William Wordsworth
——translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast Sedan Nellson
From the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Translators’, this is the third volume in Nellson’s copiously annotated translation of Wordsworth’s 230-page biographical poem into an obscure dialect of English, ‘Even-More-Boring-and-Trite’. (Wordsworth’s original poem is in a related dialect, ‘Boring-and-Trite’.) To be issued over several years as a set of 14 volumes, followed by an eventual deluxe perfect-bound edition with parallel translation and extensive introduction and commentary.
Vol. III Continues Wordsworth’s boring adventures as “I Live in Cambridge”.
16 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Feb, A.Da. 96. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
$1.50 + 1.00 s/h or trade or Free Download
Later this month, look for the long-awaited 'Collected Works' of Imogene Engine, and maybe some more goodies as well!

Monday, 9 May 2016

"The Immortal Accursed" published in 'Mythic Delirium'

Since I've been to busy to share much of anything concerning my own activity for the last month or two, here finally is my blasphemous Frenetic villanelle 'The Immortal Accursed' in the recent issue of "Mythic Delirium", amongst a wicked array of dark fantasy and horror:

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Lecture at the Aldus Society, Columbus, Ohio

Last week I had the honour of traveling to my old haunt of Columbus, Ohio to give a presentation called Freed From a Parchment Jail about the Revenant Archive for the bibliophiles of the Aldus Society at the Thurber Center. I spoke about the first-generation avant-garde in the 1830s, using books from the archive as the guiding thread. I also had the opportunity to meet some intriguing bibliophiles and scholars, explore the Special Collections Library at Ohio State University, and catch up with some old friends and collaborators (though not everybody I'd wish).

Here is the announcement for the talk:

Thursday, 31 March 2016

New Addition to the Revenant Archive: Bouchardy's 'Paris le Bohémien'

Another recent addition to the Revenant Archive: the script of the popular gothic play "Paris the Bohemian", written by the Bouzingo co-founder Joseph Bouchardy and published alongside its 1842 premier. For a full report, see the Revenant Archive update on it, HERE.

 Revenant Editions recently published Talia Felix's first English translation of Bouchardy's work, his short story 'The Garrick Remedy' (Read Here)