Monday, 27 July 2009

A Few poems online

Three lyrics were put up on Peter Ganick's literary blog way back last week--

It was posted on July 18 so click on the calendar to the right, or better yet browse some of the great stuff that's been posted inbetween then and now that my tardy ass is informing all three of you about it.

Also, I should get a post of part of an aborted novel manuscript up soon, I'm having a bit of trouble with it and the new Synapse issue is taking the majority of my time at present.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

L&FT Review

A rather dizzying essay using for its departure point and most recurrent motif the anthology Loose Watch, a collection of work drawn from The Lost & Found Times, one of the principal models for Synapse and incidentally where I published my first poem (right at the end of the journal's 30-year run).:


I was pleasantly surprised to see somebody besides myself making correlations between the Avant Writing community facilitated by the L&FT, the First- and Second-generation British Romantic circles, German Surrealism, and Neoism. In Richard Marshall's (I don't know anything else about him) essay these connections are more freely associational glosses whilst I tend (in the Ecstatic Nerve, Yellow Sign, etc.) to try to establish more of an associational infrastructure through interweaving historical, dialectical, and ideological logics into these associations--I operate perhaps more on a Kristevan model while Marshall reminds me of Gregory Ulmer (who has also written on 'Kubla Kahn' as it happens...

Friday, 10 July 2009

And it's off.

So here is a blog.

Quasiluddite that I am, it will not be everything that a blog might be--neither a blogzine, nor a blog archive in the model of textimagepoem, etc., nor (I expect) a site of continuous discussion, but rather a repository for ephemera which might be of interest to those who take an interest in the full spread of my work or thought, but which are unlikely to be made public elsewhere, or have done so in ways or contexts that are severely out-of-the-way. The blog as a form of liminal half-publication. It's mandate is primarily the following:

  • Full lists (in various forms according to your preferred ideological prerogative--none using professional hierarchical models) of all of my activity in various fields. I will try to keep these fully updated.
  • Updates concerning the various projects on my palette at any given time, upcoming or recent performances, publications, etc. These replace the emailed updates I used to send out while in the UK, which I suspect most people did not read or care about. Huzzah.
  • Fragments of texts which reached a certain degree of fullness of conception before being either abandoned or folded into other projects.
  • Fragments and other posts relating to ongoing large-scale works whose completion is not expected for years or decades.
  • Ephemeral texts or documentation of unpublished work, and work published in limited editions or no longer available.
  • Cuttings and passages edited out of the final, published versions of essays or other texts. The shadows or the shit of these texts.
  • Historical work that I feel is worth bringing into discursive contact with the activity with which I associate myself.
  • Occassional reports of events or texts that I attend or read which are either exciting enough or awful enough to provoke me to divert my time from other things.
  • Random philosophemes or marginalia that occur to me when I happen to be near the computer.
  • Whatever short poems, etc. I happen to feel like posting.
  • Things that are not listed here but which I post anyway.

Since the conception of the blog is still at its base archival, I will try to attach contextualizing glosses whenever possible. There's some stuff up here to start with: A Coleridge poem, a gloss on current projects, a 'Pataphysical lecture with dodgy mathematics, and a list of everything I have published, organised, performed, made, lectred about, etc. Beyond this we'll see what happens.