Archiving Activity

  • Post-NeoAbsurdist Archive. Thousands of documents, manuscripts, publications, performance relics, and original artwork associated with the Post-NeoAbsurdist movement and affiliated groups, communities, and collaborators in the avant-garde and Eternal Network. From 1999.
  • Archive of the Revenant Avant-Garde. Archive of books, prints, music, and other relics of 19th & early 20th Century counter-cultural communities including Avant-Garde, Socialist, Gothic Horror, Anarchist, and other subcultures. Currently 338 items from 1809 -1950
  • The Autonomous Library. Archive of approx. 1,300 micropress chapbooks & zines from the avant-garde, punk, anarchist, socialist, and other marginal communities.
  • Southwest Virginia Punk and Zine Archive. w/Warren Fry & Simon Nolen. Roanoke, VA, from 2016.  
  • Community High School Archive. Archive of class materials, promotion, internal documents, community partnerships, and school culture of Community High School of Arts and Academics, Roanoke, Virginia.

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