Journal Publications (excluding those published by mOnocle-Lash)
  • Brave New World #4. ed. Bil Sabab. Five poems. May 2017.
  • Mythic Delirium. ed. Mike Allen. Poem 'Exile's Lament'. March. 2017.
  • Otoliths #43 online journal, ed.Mark Young. Australia. Nov. 2016.
  • VTZ (Volunteer Theme Zine). ed. Shawnna Woolridge. Aug. 2016.
  • Mythic Delirium. ed. Mike Allen. Villanelle 'The Eternal Accursed'. Jan. 2016.
  • Slova #15. Excerpt from forthcoming Open Letter to the Avant-Garde in Russian translation by Gleb Kolomiets. Smolensk Russia, Jan. 2016.
  • The Roanoke Rover. ed. Celine Anderson. Historical essay, "Passing Along the Lick: The Buried History of Downtown Roanoke." June, 2015.
  • Nictoglobe online journal, ed. Andreas Maria Jacobs. Republication of Preface to "The Outer Circle" from Coldfront. Jan., 2015.
  • Coldfront online journal, ed. Graeme Bezanson. Co-edited w/N. Vassilakis & G. Kolomiets a special section on Russian asemiaw/abridgement of Preface to The Outer Circle catalog. Dec. 20, 2014.
  • Slova #12. Set of eight poems, 'Why That Name', 'Do You Play Live', 'Esau', 'Regiment the', 'Structure No. 2', 'Moreover', 'Gem', and 'Flesh-Horse of the Forest' in Russian translation by Denis Beznesov. Smolensk, Russia. Feb., 2013.
  • Textonly No. 37. Set of three poems, 'What to Do', 'Furthermore', and 'Gem', in Russian translation by Denis Beznosov. Aug. 2012.
  • Slova #10. Revised & annotated version of 'Cheating Art History'. Russian translation & annotation assistance by Gleb Kolomiets. Smolensk, Russia. Winter 2011.
  • Slova #9. 'Toward a Radical Historiography: Creative Sociality and the Traditions of Dissent'. Russian translation by G. Kolomiets. Smolensk, Russia. Spring 2011.
  • Slova #8. 'Make it Home, Not Art.' w/W. Fry. Russian translation by G. Kolomiets. Smolensk, Russia. Aug., 2010.
  • Transmission #3. 'On Fun'. SPART Action Group, Northern Ireland. May, 2010.
  •  Word for/Word #16 online journal, ed. Jonathan Minton. Special Feature on Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Collective, documentation, texts, & interview (w/B. Chriss, W. Fry, & D.B. Edwards) by Michael Peters. Posted March, 2010.
  • Transmission #2. 'Make it Home, Not Art'. with W. Fry. SPART Action Group, Northern Ireland. 2007.
  • Sponge Pudding #4. 'Toward a Breathing Text'. one.c, England. Jan., 2006.
  • Scores of poems, essays and collages published in Appropriated Press, Synapse and in-Appropriated Press. See "Publications Edited".  

  • 33 other visual or verse poems and short manifestos published in journals from 2004–2006 in  Barm (NJ, ed. W. Fry), Desliz (Cuba, ed. L. Monica), Hat (Canada, ed. R. Priddle), The Idiot's Manifesto (Ohio, ed. R. Icon), KUH[n] (NJ, ed. T. Butkovic), Letter Founder (Maine, ed. J. Kendall), The Lost & Found Times (Ohio, ed. J.M. Bennett), One Big Cookie (Ohio, ed. N. Solsman), Slova (Russia, ed. G. Kolomiets), Sponge Pudding (England, ed. K. Wynne), Star Fish ( ed. R. Chrysler), Textonly (Russia), and Transmission (Northern Ireland, ed. J. McKeown).

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