Collaborative Books

Published Books: Collaborations
  • Useless Preface to a Romantasemic Writing. w/J. Leftwich & Théophile Gautier. 6 pp, mOnocle-Lash. Aug. 2014.
  • Exquisite Crypt #3: Typewritten Corpse. w/A.Andrews, D. Hartke, I. Engine, B. Chriss, M.Blafas, b.b. Grimm, W. Fry, R. Inhuman, J. Gregory, & Josh Seyfried. 16 pp, mOnocle-Lash. Aug. 2014.
  • 2014 Marginal Arts Festival Guide. ed. Simon Nolan. Contributed 3 articles: 'VISPO', 'International Artists' & 'The Ursonate'. March 2014.
  • Imogene & Olchar #2. w/ Imogene Engine. 12 pp. mOnocle-Lash, March 2013.
  • Exquisite Crypt #3. w/ A. Andrews, M. Blafas, C. Bradley, B. Chriss, J. Gregory, b.b. Grimm, I. Engine, K. Faist, D. Hartke, R. Inhuman, E. Lense, J. Seyfried, D. Yoder, & others. 16 pp. mOnocle-Lash, Nov. 2011.
  • Imogene & Olchar #1: Memory & Ephemera. w/Imogene Engine. 12 pp. mOnocle-Lash, July 2011.
  • Punch & Judy. Edited & Adapted 1851 script with historical introduction. March 2011, mOnocle-Lash & Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival.
  • The Hymn of Stone. w/Imogene Engine. 20 pp. mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press, Jan. 2011.
  • Untitled TLP w/Jim Leftwich. 8 pp. TLP Press. 
    • 2nd Ed. Luna Bisonte Prods, June 2011.
  • Exquisite Crypt #2. ed. W. Fry. w/W. Fry, D.B. Edwards, E. F. Waterfowl, A. Oliver, R. Chaloner, B. Chriss, M. Blafas, & T. Butkovic. 20 pp. mOnocle-Lash, June 2010.
  • Secret Histories of Rutgers' Underground Artists. w/W. Fry. 8 pp. mOnocle-Lash, Sept. 2007.
  • Nobody Go Anywhere: Stay Home Make Art. w/W. Fry & SPART Action Group. Published simultaneously in Northern Ireland and the U.S. 9 pp. SPART / mOnocle-Lash. July, 2007.
  • Exquisite Crypt 1 (anthology.) As editor and contributor. 24 pp. mOnocle-Lash. April, 2007.
  • The Myopic Deathray and Other Tawdry Conflagrations. w/ b.b. Grimm. 16 pp. mOnocle-Lash. Feb., 2007.
  • The Lidless Daintily Tongue/A Gossamer Guillotine. w/E. Panzeri. 12 pp. Appropriated Press. Nov. 2003.
    • 2nd Edition (Revised) published under mOnocle-Lash, Sept. 2006.

TLPs & Broadsheets
  • The Astounding Adventure of Louis, the Lazy-Eyed Legionnaire. w/Warren Fry. TLP, 8pp. mOnocle-Lash, Jan. 2018.
  • Lentejas. w/John M. Bennett & Diane Keys. 2-sided broadsheet, Luna Bisonte. Feb. 2016.
  • T O L. w/ John M. Bennett. TLP, 8 pp. Luna Bisonte, Feb. 2016.
  • ANTI-TV. w/ John M. Bennett. TLP, 8 pp. Luna Bisonte, Feb. 2016. 
  • World why White. w/Jim Leftwich. 8 pp. Luna Bisonte, 2011.
  • Sed Cur. w/J.M. Bennett, Musicmaster, Solamito Luigino, & Cheryl Penn. 8 pp. Luna Bisonte, 2010.
  • SARK srun+ SLOTD. w/J.M. Bennett & Serse Luigetti. 8 pp. Luna Bisonte Prods. Aug., 2009.
  • sr nt. w/J.M. Bennett. 8 pp. Luna Bisonte Prods. Aug., 2009.

Brief or Partial Republication, Notices, & Extended Quotations in Works by Others
  • Pure Psychic Chance Radio, by Jim Leftwich. Untitled text on the "Battle of Hernani" reprinted, mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press discussed & several performance/immersive events reviewed. 2016.
  • Subjective Mutagenic Poetics, by Jim Leftwich. Passages of "On Fun" and "Toward a Radical Historiography" reprinted. TLPress, 2016.
  • Asemic Writing: Definitions and Contexts 1998–2016, ed. Jim Leftwich. "Preface to The Outer Circle Exhibition: Ideas and Forms of the Russian Avant-Garde" reprinted. TLPress. Jan./March 2016.
  • I Have Fallen. Short theoretical passage used as epilogue to film by Leigh Gillam. Montreal, Canada. March, 2013.
  • Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection. (anthology) ed. John M. Bennett. Ohio State University Libraries, 2008. 
  • My Kimono Book. w/C. Mehrl Bennett & others. Luna Bisonte Prods. 2008.


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