All translations are from the French, unless otherwise noted.

  • Rêvenance 2. Translations of Marceline Debordes-Valmore, "Parted" ; Roger de Beauvoir, from Preface to The Chevalier de Saint-George ; Alphonse Karr, Found Text printed in Les Guêpes; Charles-Henry Hirsch, "Review of Maintenant No. 1"; Arthur Cravan, "Whistle"; and Francis Vielé-Griffin, "Trust". mOnocle-Lash. Aug. 2017.
  • Rêvenance 1. Translations of Gerges d'Heylli, "Forward to the Gazette Anecdotique"; Alphonse Karr, "Forward to Les Guêpes"; Alphonse Allais, "Some Figures"; & Gérard de Nerval, "Gothic Song". mOnocle-Lash. Sept. 2016.
  • Baptism, Marriage (1838) by 'The Mapah' Simon Ganneau. Translated & Edited Evadamist polemic tract. mOnocle-Lash. Sept. 2015.
  • Two Poems (1829), by Alphonse Brot. Translated & Edited 1829 French poems, w/performance score, biography & bibliography. mOnocle-Lash. Sept. 2015.
  • Lycanthropy: Some Shreds Torn from 'Rapsodies' (1832), by Petrus Borel. Editor, Critical Biography, & Co-Translator w/ Joseph Carter, Raymond E. André III, & John Robertson. 36 pp, mOnocle-Lash. Aug. 2014.
  • The Fairest Death' & 'Fanaticism' (1833), by Philothée O'Neddy. Translated w/John Payne & ed. mOnocle-Lash. 6 pp. Aug. 2014.
  • New Hamlet (2012), by Gleb Kolomiets & Inna Kirillova. Consulted on Kolomiets' translation from the Russian of his & Kirillova's play. 24 pp, mOnocle-Lash. March 2014.

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