Radio Broadcasts
  • Marginal Radio. Various sound pieces & albums on rotation on all-open source internet radio station run by Wilheim Katastrof. Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival, Roanoke, VA. March-April, 2014.
  • Fob Slop Lymph and a Bean: The Post-NeoAbsurdist Miraculous Anti-Hour. WFMU New York, 91.1 FM. w/T. Butkovic, D.B. Edwards, W. Fry, A. Oliver, E. Damerow, E.F. Waterfowl, etc. Hour-long programme for WFMU of Post-Neo sound poetry, documentation, and music. As contributor & co-editor. Broadcast June 28, 2008.     LINK TO STREAMING
  • Broken Words. (ed. Hannah Silva.) Soundart Radio, 87.7 FM, Totnes, England. Sound poetry played regularly on experimental poetry radio programme. Broadcast variously Dec. 2006-Jan. 2007.
  • Soundart Radio. 87.7 FM, Totnes, England. On experimental/sound art/community radio station in Devon, UK. Broadcast intermittently from Dec. 2006.
  • Art Damage Radio. 88.3 FM Cincinnati. Featured guest on Experimental music programme & collaboration with R. Inhuman. Broadcast live, Dec. 17, 2005.
  • Do or DIY. WFMU New York, 91.1 FM. Three sound poems played on weekly alternative sound & music programme. Broadcast Aug. 31, 2005.     LINK TO STREAMING
  • Entomelodical Radio. WRFL 88.1 FM, Lexington, KY. ed. Irene Moon. Sonic Poems in rotation on experimental radio show. Broadcast June 2005-Spring 2006.

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