Saturday, 11 July 2009

L&FT Review

A rather dizzying essay using for its departure point and most recurrent motif the anthology Loose Watch, a collection of work drawn from The Lost & Found Times, one of the principal models for Synapse and incidentally where I published my first poem (right at the end of the journal's 30-year run).:


I was pleasantly surprised to see somebody besides myself making correlations between the Avant Writing community facilitated by the L&FT, the First- and Second-generation British Romantic circles, German Surrealism, and Neoism. In Richard Marshall's (I don't know anything else about him) essay these connections are more freely associational glosses whilst I tend (in the Ecstatic Nerve, Yellow Sign, etc.) to try to establish more of an associational infrastructure through interweaving historical, dialectical, and ideological logics into these associations--I operate perhaps more on a Kristevan model while Marshall reminds me of Gregory Ulmer (who has also written on 'Kubla Kahn' as it happens...

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John M. Bennett said...

hah - good to see this and yr new blog, Olchar. long may it wave er, or ir ar