Sunday, 4 October 2009

Current Projects

This blog thing is slow-going. An indication of what I am doing whilst not updating this:

Current Projects:
  • An essay on JM Bennett's work in relation to Surrealist automatism on one hand and the Symbolist sonnet on the other, hopefully for an anthology dedicated to Bennett put together by Pudding House Press and aimed at a relatively mainstream poetic audience. If it's judged to be too, er, high-falutin' for that audience (I'm trying but I don't have much experience with mainstream writers) it'll find a home someplace else.
  • My first drawing in some six years, an illustration of a gnostic creation schema that I've been developing, mainly under the influence of my half-arsed understanding of Valentinian Gnosticism. The piece, in two plates each containing a number of sequential stages of the story, is keyed to the interpretation that my brother Chris Lennard is developing for his performance of Emmanuel Sojourne's Concerto for Marimba and Strings; if I complete them time, they will serve as energeia or memory-tools in his development of the performance. I may at some point do a third plate to complete the cycle.
  • Synapse 4. Yes, it is coming, despite constant financial and temporal roadblocks. The journal is 90% edited and the cover is half-completed, but after this there's the fairly laborious process of producing the master copy itself. Present estimate for starting to produce it is end of October. Beginning with Synapse 5 I'll be introducing changes to the process that will allow Synapse to start appearing more regularly and often.
  • mOnocle-lash Website. This will be officially put into action around the same time that Synapse 4 is released, heralding the new publishing season after a long hiatus. Around the same time we'll also see some new releases of varying sizes by Megan Blafas, David Beris Edwards, Warren Fry, myself, and possibly more.

These will be occupying most of my time through October, after which a number of other projects currently on deck will begin moving. These include a collaborative book with Imogene Engine, a novella with Alan Reed, an anthology of essays and interviews regarding the creation and stewardship of non-commercial intellectual communities, and the launching of a long-term project into translating and contextualizing the work of the nearly-forgotten French avant-garde Bouzingo group. Among other things.

More posts presently.