Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Notes on the Real and its other

In its intelligent applications, Divination--whatever the degree of one's skepticism regarding its strictly 'predictive' action--puts into practice an understanding of the mechanism by which 'events' unfold in time; it is an art of asking questions, which in themselves constitute a field of contexts and themes within which the 'future', and the imminent events which are set into motion, will become manifest.

Magic seems to work best when one forgets it is occurring; the fantastic weaves itself into the same weft of impossibility through which the patterning of the Real itself is woven. Thus the reconception of ceremonial magic via techniques of devising (as of performance) on the one hand, and via the epistemological maleability of childhood play on the other.

The Imaginary vs. the Real object: fixation.
In the former, the 'Idea' that is being fixed is not proper, its form kaleidoscopically changing its aspect and articulation, the object itself so vibrant with significance as to compromise itself as object, sliding continually back half-way into the subject; in the latter, the object as object is persistent, truly fixed, whilst its implications are on the other hand held further at bay, qualitatively—as a fixed point in a fixed space, the object establishes the spacial terrain through which thought will articulate and organise itself.

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